Feature #982

Updated by Alexander Watzinger almost 4 years ago

This is a workaround for our favorite archaeologist Stefan until #978 is implemented.

Other user won't be able to use it but it's a good preparation for #978 and will then already be testet by Stefan.

Therefore three image files need to be shown on the map using Leaflet imageoverlay

sample code:
var imageUrl = 'path to image/Kourim_north_georeferenced', --as url or relative path to file on server
imageBounds = [[49.99800, 14.99246], [49.99747, 14.99328]]; --sample coordinates Kourim WGS84
L.imageOverlay(imageUrl, imageBounds).addTo(map);

Max Zoom needs to be adjusted to 30 to show the required scale of the image

StarĂ¡ Kourim, ID = 112757, imageBounds = [[49.99800, 14.99246], [49.99747, 14.99328]]
Thunau, ID = 112760, imageBounds = [[48.58709, 15.64294], [48.58653, 15.64356]]
Pohansko (pending)
Todo: prepare Images, upload Images, provide IDs and coords