Feature #978

Updated by Alexander Watzinger almost 2 years ago

For detailed digitisation of archaeological and other structures it will be necessary to enable image overlays in the map.
This can be achieved by using the leaflet imageoverlay function:

E.g for the plot of the Stará Kouřim cemetery. Therefore it needs a rectified image file with known bounds. This file can be added to the map by:

var imageUrl = 'plots/Kourim_north_georeferenced.png',
imageBounds = [[49.99800, 14.99246], [49.99747, 14.99328]];
L.imageOverlay(imageUrl, imageBounds).addTo(map);

Also the max zoom needs to be modified to 30 for maximum details. Then it will be possible to draw the features directly in the map.

Maybe we can, for the beginning, add this image hardcoded as a test into the dpp-map and for the future, work on a feature to dynamically add image files to the map by defining their imagebounds either by coordinates/bounding boxes or by choosing the coordinates in the map.

I added a screenshot of one of my test versions as well (The image is displayed there with activated alpha channel so the background is transparent).

bw and thx


PS: the "immediate" priority is not to be considered soooo seriously ;-)


* Information is saved in web schema of database (image_id, place_id, bounding box)
* Set image as overlay in place (the 'top' one) in the file tab like the profile image
* Show overlay (default show) if at view, update or insert of this place or a subunit