Feature #928

Updated by Alexander Watzinger over 2 years ago

Option to link places to GeoNames identifier.

h2. Features

* Input field to enter/edit a GeoNames id in the place form
* Search for GeoNames entries and show on map (already implemented in a basic way)
* Select a hit from GeoNames to fill the GeoNames id field
* Select a hit from GeoNames to add a point geometry (default title/description like: "Taken from GeoNames" but otherwise like a manually added point)
* Advanced options for search (e.g. select categories, fuzzy or not, ..)

h2. Model

E31 (Reference) -> P67 (refers to) -> E18 (Physical Object)
* = code (e.g. 2643743)
* entity.system type = 'external reference GeoNames'
* When shown as link: label = 'GeoNames (2643743)', URL =

* Differentiation between close and exact matches with a new system_type

h2. Development

In development two branches will be used: *feature_geonames_frontend* and *feature_geonames_backend*