Feature #905

Updated by Alexander Watzinger over 4 years ago

We would like to use the 4.0.0 release to also update the CIDOC CRM version (at the moment 5.0.4-1). 

 Kindly received recommendation from George Bruseker (September 2019) was to update to CIDOC CRM 6.2.1. which is the last published version available at 

 After implementation check: E53 range for P53 but P53 is not shown at E53 view 


 There are some new classes and properties, others were removed. It doesn't seem to affect our existing instances but nevertheless a few properties doesn't "fit" in our system because they have URLs as a domain (our system has a foreign key on domain which must match an existing class). The are:  

 ['P3', 'P57', 'P79', 'P80', 'P81', 'P81a', 'P81b', 'P82', 'P82a', 'P82b', 'P90', 'P168'] 

 Also some properties are linked as sub_properties_of properties with the *i* postfix. Since we don't use inverse properties they are linked to there counterpart without *i*:  
 P10i, P130i, P59i 

 Mostly this seems to have to do with this change: 

 8. CRM time extension 1.0 Encoded in RDFS 

 Since the Time Primitive of the CRM can not directly be implemented in RDF Triple Stores, we define in this extension 
 of 4 properties replacing P81 and P82 adequately using xsd:dateTime.  
 Property P81 is dedicated for modeling the Time-Span's maximum known temporal extent i.e. ongoing_throughout.  
 Property P82 is for modeling the minimum outer bounds of events i.e. at_some_time_within.  
 P81 has its time interval redefined by P81a and P81b. Similarly, we redefine P82 by P82a and P82b.