Feature #1395

Updated by Alexander Watzinger over 3 years ago

With this feature individual content for frontends can be configured in the OpenAtlas backend per project. They are: 

 * Intro for frontend 
 * Contact for frontend 
 * Legal notice for frontend 

 * Can configure by users with the role manager admin/content 
 * Can be edited with an HTML editor  
 * Multi language support 

 *To do* 
 * Frontend: fetch and display intro, contact intro and optional legal issue if available (with i18n). i18n) 

 They can be requested in backend (currently in develop branch) by e.g. 
 Content.get_translation('intro_for_frontend', 'de') 
 I added a second language parameter (*'de'* in this example) because it the API isn't language aware. 
 If left empty, the language isn't available or the translation is empty the default language translation will be returned. 
 Should be relatively fail safe, worst case scenario is you get an empty string.