Feature #1584

Updated by Alexander Watzinger about 2 years ago

The We will add a database value so that it is now "aware" of it's own version in table *web.settings* with value *database_version*. 
 Additional the software knows which database version it is needed, stored used for. It will be raised at updates in ** as *DATABASE_VERSION*. 
 The application will display a warning on every site for managers if they are not the same. 

 From now on with every upgrade that requires case database changes (executing an upgrade SQL script) are required.  
 This settings can be used to check if the "needed" database version is correct for used software version and warn if not. It will also be updated helpful to further automate upgrades. 

 * A new value in the current database so that it is "aware" of the software version in: it is used for 
 * The code (DATABASE_VERSION A new value in for needed database version 
 * The update SQL script 
 * The installation SQL script Comparing this value at runtime and warn if they differ