Feature #1573

Updated by Alexander Watzinger about 2 years ago

In the INDIGO projects we will receive additional 3d geometry data. So far we only map points, lines and polygons so we need another geometry type (with height). 
 We will also use this opportunity to merge all GIS data into one table and move into the model schema (instead using a dedicated GIS schema) 

 In the first version they will be shown on the map but without functionality to add or edit them manually.  

 *To consider* 
 * Adapting database (see merge suggestion above) 
 * How do we import them (INDIGO workflow specific) 
 * Adding a new table in database GIS schema? 
 * How do we present them on the map, I guess it should be possible to "flatten" them 
 * How can they be added/edited manually? 
 * How to prevent them being overridden when working with maps the "classic" way