Feature #1506

Updated by Alexander Watzinger over 2 years ago

Currently At the moment we use CIDOC CRM *6.2.1* and will update it to *7.1.1* which is are using the latest release 6.2.1 official version with an available RDFS RDF document. The RDF document is needed for our import script to include which includes the whole CIDOC schema into OpenAtlas. 
 Document used: A new version with a RDF document should be available soon and we will look into updating OpenAtlas to that version as soon as it is available. 
 We already began adaptions for anticipated changes thanks to Stefan who keeps an eye on current CIDOC CRM development, e.g. removing "Legal Body" and "Information Carrier" and map affected entities to other classes. 

 Overview of CIDOC CRM versions with resource downloads: 
 Our update draft: [[New CIDOC CRM]]