Feature #1297

Updated by Alexander Watzinger over 2 years ago

Original request from CONNEC: 
 Can we connect letters (as sources) in the same way that we connect actors? Alice has found on-going disputes that produced a number of different letters, and she would like to connect these letters among them. 
 It's now Assuming that all letters are part of a (move) event it's already possible to chain group events which allows to put them in sequence, e.g. for journey or within a letter exchange events. 
 This can be done using the new form field *Preceding event* at event insert/update. 
 Model: *event > P134 (continued) > event* 
 Once entered, preceding and succeeding events will be displayed in the info tab when viewing an *super* event. 

 This is the first implementation, refining may follow, e.g. 
 * Usability: e.g. when entering After discussing this with Stefan we came up with an event a button additional feature to immediately enter *chain* events to preserve the next in sequence 

 * Display: e.g. Add a view field at event to display select a whole previous event chain 
 * Validation: currently it is only checked if it's not a The connection to itself. Maybe we add checks to make sure there are no circular dependencies, date integrity issues, ... would be made with *P134* continued/was continued by 
 * Currently In the first version it is will only be possible that to connect one previous event because e.g. it's easier to display, we can have multiple proceeding rethink this if necessary 

 This would allow to connect all kind of events (preceding can be (not only one). Not sure if we leave it at that. letter exchanges) like e.g. a journey 

 +1 Nicholas