Feature #1506

Updated by Alexander Watzinger over 2 years ago

Currently we use CIDOC CRM *6.2.1* and will update it to *7.1.1* which is the latest release with available RDFS document needed for our import script to include the whole CIDOC schema into OpenAtlas. 
 Document used: 
 We already made began adaptions for anticipated changes in former versions thanks to Stefan who keeps an eye on current CIDOC CRM development, e.g. mapping *Legal Body* removing "Legal Body" and *Information Carrier* "Information Carrier" and map affected entities to other classes. 

 Used specification: 

 *Update in the model* 
 * Changed link for sub/super events: *P117* -> *P9* 
 * Merge of aliases: aliass: *P131* and *E82* (actor appellation) where replaced with *P1* and *E41*