Feature #1698

Updated by Alexander Watzinger about 2 years ago

If an entity has already multiple types linked for a type that is meant to be single there is a danger of losing data. Data loss would could occur when updating this entity because currently the form would show a single field select with just the first value selected. If the user than saves the entity all other type links would get lost without the user noticing it. 

 Although this shouldn't happen in the application, it could be that e.g. because of bugs, imports or similar this situation arises nevertheless. 

 To prevent accidentally deletion of type links the application should prevent updating this entity and inform the user about this inconsistency. 

 *Implementation* *Update* 
 * A warning is displayed in the entity view with information about the problematic type and view. If a link to the manual on how to solve this. 
 * The edit button is removed but even if a user tries to edit this entity (e.g. with a bookmarked link), entity, they will get redirected to an 422 error. error 422.