Question #1804

Updated by Andreas Olschnögger almost 2 years ago

As far as I understand these issues should be resolved on our side: 
 * Navigating the map is unclear—add “?” (info) buttons 
 * Round buttons in the lower right corner—awkwardly overlap 
 * Layers 
 ** unclear what they mean and how to use them—perhaps add “?” (info) button 
 ** why are there two different layering options (at upper and lower left-hand margin)? 
 ** Timeline button—will there be a time range (not currently possible)? *(this is already fixed by now)* 

 I have a few suggestions which would solve most layout problems: 
 * Concerning the navigation of the site i would suggest to take as landing page  
 ** We can there replace the current header image with the Gilgit picture ( like Deborah wanted. 
 ** Because the map is now it's own page, we will get rid of the round buttons in the lower right corner and the overall navigation throughout the website will be more understandable. 
 ** These would also fix the home page reroute button issue 
 * Concerning the layers: 
 ** This feater is programmed by the cartographs and allows the user to choose between the different types of maps and their order. Here you can for example say that the shahi map ( the one that the cartographs made) is on top and below this one the OSM OpenTopoMap is visible (for where the Shahi Map ended) 
 ** The question is if this control is really needed or if it would also be sufficient to set the Shahi Map as top Layer Map and the OpenTopoMap as secondary and remove the layer button.