From 2022-08-07 to 2022-09-05


15:07 Feature #1810: Toolbar with categories of material cultures
@ @nkimmet: Some of these terms don't seem to be in the type hierarchy (e.g Stationary Objects).
To make sure we do ...
Andreas Olschnögger
15:02 Feature #1810 (Closed): Toolbar with categories of material cultures
As reported... Andreas Olschnögger
14:56 Feature #1809: Order of displaying information - artifacts connected with places
@ @nkimmet: please check if the provided information is current and provide us the missing information for the other ... Andreas Olschnögger
14:51 Feature #1809 (Closed): Order of displaying information - artifacts connected with places
As reported:
> Different types of objects (stationary and portable artifacts; archaeological sites; coins; inscripti...
Andreas Olschnögger
14:47 Feature #1808 (Closed): Additional static content
Under “Shahi Kingdoms Database” header and description (and above the “explore map” and “enter database” buttons), ad... Andreas Olschnögger
14:41 Feature #1807 (Closed): Bibliography place missing
Add place information to the bibliography. Andreas Olschnögger
14:33 Feature #1806 (Closed): Add info buttons for all viewing modes
As reported... Andreas Olschnögger
14:11 Feature #1805 (Assigned): Collections: Gallery Overview
@ @Berni, is there a possibility to load thumbnails of a picture via the API like in the OpenAtlas backend (with e.g.... Andreas Olschnögger
14:10 Feature #1805 (Closed): Collections: Gallery Overview
The layout of this gallery should be improved (
Also thumbnails o...
Andreas Olschnögger
13:35 Question #1804 (Closed): Map Layout
As far as I understand these issues should be resolved on our side:
* Navigating the map is unclear—add “?” (info) b...
Andreas Olschnögger


12:30 Feature #1800 (Closed): Detail View
In the detail view of entities following points have to be improved:
* If no content is added to a custom type in Op...
Andreas Olschnögger
12:26 Feature #1799 (Closed): Show license and credit line for images
Make image license type and credit line visible alongside image on frontend Andreas Olschnögger
12:18 Feature #1798 (Closed): Collection ids in URLs
The url of the collections should be accessible with permalinks using the id of the collection. Andreas Olschnögger
12:17 Feature #1797 (Closed): Place of production
Andreas Olschnögger
12:16 Feature #1797 (Closed): Place of production
It should be possible to search artifacts by their place of production. Andreas Olschnögger
12:14 Feature #1796 (Closed): Improved search
To improve the search functionality we thought about folllowing changes:
* show the table with the data first instea...
Andreas Olschnögger


13:36 Feature #1747 (Closed): Display link between sources (via artifacts)
Alexander Watzinger

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