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Display link between sources (via artifacts)

Added by Becca Grose almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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We realised on Friday that the current demo does not include one really important detail from the back-end: the relationship between letters that exist now and letters/events that we know exist because they are mentioned in existing letters (ghost letters/ghost events.)

This is one of the key findings of the database, and it is 100% on me for only realising now that it is probably not covered by Andi's upcoming changes to 'include everything' because of the way it is coded in: sorry.

Following Alex's guidance, this is currently on the backend as
Source 1 (inscribed on Artifact 1) refers to Artifact 2 (on which is inscribed source 2) >> the link is from Source 1 to Artifact 2. I attach an image to make this clearer. You can also see the previous discussions about this here:

We suggest that this could be displayed on the letter detailed view page as:
This entry refers to ghost events...
This ghost event is referenced in...

Each button would then dropdown/expand as other entries do, to list the relevant entries (with hyperlinks to their detailed view page, ideally.)

Alex: given how complex this was last time, do you think we should have a 15 minute meeting to discuss this and ensure we're all on the same page? I'm sorry for not realising earlier but this is so important, I do have to ask.
Alice & Victoria: can you please reply to confirm this suggestion works.


Epistula60.png (59.7 KB) Epistula60.png Source page w-reference to ghost event artifacts Becca Grose, 2022-06-14 09:35
Epistula60_artifacts_of_ghost_letters.png (40.9 KB) Epistula60_artifacts_of_ghost_letters.png Source page list of ghost event artifacts Becca Grose, 2022-06-14 09:35
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Updated by Alexander Watzinger almost 2 years ago

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Thank you for reporting, assigning to Andi who develops the presentation site.

If I understand correctly:
  • We have a source (1) that is the text content of an (letter) artifact:
    Artifact 1 (E22) -> carries (P128) -> Source 1 (E33)
  • Now we also want to show letters (2) that are referred by the first letter:
    Source 1 (E33) -> refers to (P67) -> Artifact 2 (E33) -> carries (P128) -> Source 2 (E33)
  • As it seems to only concerns sources with the type Ghost letters, this can be determined with:
    Source 2 (E33) -> has type (P2) -> Type (E55)

I leave it up to you Andi, if you prefer a meeting to discuss, want to ask questions here or if the request is clear enough for you. Thanks for looking into this.

By the way, the link for the screenshots in the description is:

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Updated by Andreas Olschnögger almost 2 years ago

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Now when you are on the detail view of a source (e.g. Epistula 60 Augustine to Aurelius 1 (ca. 401)) you can see the ghost letters it refers to. And vice versa, when you are at the detail view of a ghost letter you see where the ghost letter is referred in.
This will be released with the next version.

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Updated by Alexander Watzinger almost 2 years ago

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