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09:39 OpenAtlasDiscovery Feature #1747 (Closed): Display link between sources (via artifacts)
We realised on Friday that the current demo does not include one really important detail from the back-end: the relat... Becca Grose


11:50 OpenAtlasDiscovery Feature #1732 (Closed): Detailed view: split 'referred by'
On the detailed view, would it be possible to split 'referred by' into three categories? I think these are distinct o... Becca Grose
11:27 OpenAtlasDiscovery Feature #1731 (Closed): Rename 'Actor network'
Could we rename the 'actor network 'page (and all mentions) to 'Actor Connections' please?
We realised afterwards ...
Becca Grose
11:20 OpenAtlasDiscovery Feature #1719: Citation examples for entries
P.S. as Alex requested, we have two names. The 'citation purposes' name (e.g. CONNEC) should replace 'The databse' in... Becca Grose
10:52 OpenAtlasDiscovery Feature #1719: Citation examples for entries
Yes, thanks for checking!
Victoria Leonard, Alice Hicklin & Becca Grose
(Currently, David hasn't been involve...
Becca Grose


16:16 OpenAtlasDiscovery Feature #1656: Detail view
Also discussed: could there maybe be a clear 'show more' or similar, below the description preview, so readers know t... Becca Grose


11:02 OpenAtlasDiscovery Feature #1713: Display partners and their logos
These are all great: thank you!
David wondered if we should also add an Open Atlas logo. Does this seem appropria...
Becca Grose


17:12 OpenAtlasDiscovery Feature #1719: Citation examples for entries
Alex: I'm not actually sure what we want the final name of this presentation site to be. I've asked David, and when I... Becca Grose
07:52 OpenAtlasDiscovery Feature #1719: Citation examples for entries
Hi Alex,
Would it be possible to display the 'entry author' category? (custom type:
Becca Grose
07:45 OpenAtlasDiscovery Feature #1712: Data license (CC BY 4.0) visible in all pages
Hi Alex,
Thanks for this. David has confirmed that the licence should be CC BY 4.0.
Becca Grose

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