Feature #1940

Updated by Alexander Watzinger over 1 year ago

In *develop* I added information about the disk space used by the project (the files directory of the project to be precise), see: 

 It would be nice to adapt the bar shown below and add the project used percentage in a different color there too. At the moment it is a jQuery progress bar displaying only used/free diskspace, which of course isn't suited to show multiple segments. 
 I shortly looked into other options but was soon overwhelmed so I would like to hand it over to a more frontend experienced person. 

 Template: *openatlas/templates/admin/file.html* with already available size and percentage values in *disk_space_info* 
 View: function *admin_index()* at *openatlas/views/* 

 We can discuss this in person in case my description is too to confusing ;)