Feature #2047

Updated by Alexander Watzinger 11 months ago

Because this was asked multiple times we will add an FAQ entry for this. Even if we will be asked it again we can than just link to the manual entry. 

 See answer to #2046: 

 Reason for this is because an actor can have many different relations to a place, it could be the residence, location of birth/death, subject of an acquisition and so on. 
 For convenience there is a "+ Person" and "+ Group" button where the user interface "guesses" that a "has residence" relation is meant but it is still possible to change it in the form and the new actor can be created nevertheless, see e.g. 
 It would be much more complicate to offer a "link" button because of the many possibilities mentioned above. 

 Also add *actors* to the "Can be linked via tabs to", see (maybe also with the FAQ link).