OpenAtlas 8.5.0 released

Added by Alexander Watzinger about 1 month ago

This release was mostly about new features regarding files, their attribution and how to make them available for the public.

Important information about files
  • It's now possible to add additional information to files (#2129)
    • Allow public sharing (e.g. for presentation sites)
    • Creator
    • License holder
  • From now on only files with a specified license and set to allow public sharing will be provided via the API (e.g. for presentation sites).
    More information is available in the manual section How to make files available for the public
Additional new features
  • References for types (#2277) which can also be used to link licenses
  • Import entities to existing hierarchy (#2288)
  • API
    • New version 0.4.3 (#2288)
    • Adapt public sharing of files (#2294)
    • New endpoints: all available CIDOC properties (#2273), get related entities (#2274)

A complete list of changes is available here: 8.5.0

News for Admins
  • 8.5.0.sql is needed but will be taken care of by the database upgrade script