A collection of ideas that haven't made it into an own ticket yet.

Collection from first meeting

  • display data in table
  • display entities on map
  • display entities in single page
  • search functionality for entities
  • provide graphs for data visualization with D3.js ?

Ideas from the first version

These are ideas for the original frontend development. Feel free to process and/or remove these as you see fit.


  • Routing for entity and map views and later probably for other visualisations per entity
  • API connection for data retrieval (authentication)


  • Index page
  • Manual
  • About

Pages to create

  • Entity Detailed View
    • Basic data (Name, description, classification, main type (as categorized by system type), spatial and temporal data as well as relations to other entities (for the beginning only direct ones)
      • later to be extended by entity specific relations depending on the type of entity and relation
  • Map view (as in Thanados) for physical things/Places and their subunits
  • Visualisations
  • Search/Queries
  • Admin interface for customization? E.g. toggle various classes, use only selected data.


  • Index page - maybe a map with places. When clicked on a place more info shows up (e.g. popup, sidebar or similar) with a link to a "place view page". But not sure if this is approach is viable for our "general frontend template". (Alexander Watzinger)
  • Manual - I would suggest Sphinx like used in OpenAtlas (Sphinx_documentation). (Alexander Watzinger)

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