API Authentication

This page is a discussion base and documentation about the authentication system of the API.


  • How can a token be created?
    • Every User (here we can differentiate between roles) can create a token fixed on his username
    • Every admin can make a new token, which is linked to a descriptive name and available through the admin interface
    • Every application can create a token through a link (e.g. /api/0.1/get_token?name=pelagios)
    • Everybody can get a token through a link but need to login via the link (e.g. /api/0.1/get_token?user=admin&password=adminpassword)
  • How long should a token be valid?
    • Differentiate between user token and application token?

Token-Based vs. CORS

To be filled.... (What is Token-Based and CORS, advantages and disadvantages, usage, flask compatibly?)

Discussion stuff

  • Tracking the IP of the first login
  • API Authentication (#1185, #1233, #1211)
    • Who should be allowed to make tokens? -> admins and manager
    • Can an application make a token of its own with the needed credentials? -> Has to
    • Should we make a time limit for a token? -> 15 minutes, credentials get no expire date
    • Do we want to know who and when a token is created?
    • Do we want, that information about a token is store, so we can reject it? Yes


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