Frontend Meeting - 2020-03-03, 15:30

Participants: Christoph Hoffmann, Jan Belik, Stefan Eichert, Asil Çetin, Alexander Watzinger
Location: ACDH meeting room, Vienna

This will be a hands on meeting where we implement changes on the fly. Main aim will be to get a release able Bootstrap version but of course we can also collect ideas for future improvements.

#1048 Bootstrap

  • Update from Christoph
    • colors: use BS primary blue iso öaw CI blue for all elements
    • type tree: try to use full page width, descriptory fields in separate box - vertical flow
    • type tree: duplicate labels in card body and caption
    • menu tooltips: reduce to essential information(title only), open to bottom?
    • make tabs sticky - ensure nav to tab on load


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