Project meetings

As an open source and open data project, we put great emphasis on transparency. As part of that, we like to make our meeting minutes openly available as well. The minutes of internal meetings (e.g. developer meetings) and meetings with cooperation partners as well as drafts for upcoming events can be found here. Please note:
  • Protocols are publicly available to make them easily accessible, keep the workflow transparent and further enhance synergies between projects.
  • By clicking the watch link at the top of the respective protocol registered users will be informed about any updates regarding the file.
  • As a participant, feel free to edit minute drafts for upcoming meetings to add topics to discuss as well as add/adapt information to protocols of meetings that have already taken place.
  • To keep track of changes more easily, we kindly ask you to make any changes distinguishable from the original text by using green text when editing during or after the meeting. This can be done by using:
    %{color:green}your edited text%


2023-04-04 Developer meeting



2023-02-01 Developer meeting
2023-01-26 MAMEMS/Approaching Byzantium


2022-12-19 Approaching Byzantium
2022-12-06 Developer meeting
2022-11-18 Approaching Byzantium
2022-10-24 Shahi
2022-10-19 OpenAtlas and ARCHE for INDIGO
2022-10-19 OpenAtlas Discovery
2022-10-05 Developer meeting
2022-09-29 Approaching Byzantium
2022-06-29 MAMEMS
2022-06-28 Developer meeting
2022-06-13 Approaching Byzantium
2022-06-08 MAMEMS
2022-05-30 CONNEC
2022-05-04 Developer meeting
2022-04-22 INDIGO/Vocabs
2022-04-19 CONNEC
2022-04-05 INDIGO/Vocabs
2022-04-01 Shahi
2022-03-31 INDIGO/Vocabs
2022-03-04 UI map
2022-03-01 INDIGO
2022-02-14 Developer meeting
2022-02-02 CONNEC
2022-01-25 HIPHILS
2022-01-20 UI map
2022-01-17 Developer meeting
2022-01-13 CONNEC
2022-01-13 ARCHE


2021-12-21 MAMEMS/Approaching Byzantium
2021-12-09 CONNEC
2021-12-08 MAMEMS/Approaching Byzantium
2021-12-07 INDIGO
2021-11-03 Developer meeting
2021-10-15 CONNEC
2021-10-07 Approaching Byzantium
2021-10-05 INDIGO
2021-09-28 Shahi
2021-07-27 Frontend/API
2021-07-08 Kubernetes
2021-06-14 Developer meeting
2021-05-10 Developer meeting
2021-03-19 Hackathon Retreat
2021-02-17 Frontend/API workshop
2021-01-28 Frontend/API


2020-09-28 Strategic meeting
2020-09-08 API meets Frontend
2020-06-17 Hackathon
2020-06-15 API
2020-05-19 Frontend
2020-05-06 Developer meeting
2020-03-03 Frontend


2019-11-27 Developer meeting
2019-10-28 Developer meeting
2019-09-19 Developer meeting

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