CONNEC meeting 2022-04-19

Updated information in the course of the meeting is in color. Every participant is welcome to add and adapt.


  • OpenAtlas: Andreas Olschnögger, Alexander Watzinger
  • CONNEC: David Natal, Rebecca Grose, Victoria Leonard

This meeting will be about the presentation site for CONNEC, a prototype is available here:

Long term strategy

Discussing our hosting strategy in the long run which is important for e.g. which links are used for publications and similar to guarantee "longevity".
  • Research data: Archiving in ARCHE as a long term strategy for data retrieval
    • Although not initially planed we should really consider this to keep data accessible for a very long time -> we all agreed that we should go this way to keep data accessible for a very long time
  • OpenAtlas backend: till 2023-12
    • This is one of the reason why #1718 (Links to the backend) isn't a valid strategy
  • Presentation site: till 2023-12
    • Transform to a (simpler) static website as a long time strategy
    • Which domain for unique URLs to use for entities on the presentation site? -> the CONNEC team is now aware of the permanent links topic and will discuss/decide which domain to use

Current roadmap

Discussing features on the Roadmap -> discussed features were documented as notes in the features themselves.

Check if solved
  • #1712: Data license (CC BY 4.0) visible in all pages
  • #1713: Display partners and their logos
  • #1715: Side wide search
  • #1716: Navigation
Look into
  • #1717: Additional static pages -> content needed
  • #1719: Citation examples for entries -> solve "database" name part
  • #1729: Email contacts -> we can't provide email functionality but could use mailto links
  • #1714: Map improvements
  • #1656: Detail view

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