Meeting API 2020-06-15, 14:00

Participants: Bernhard Koschicek, Alexander Watzinger, Stefan Eichert, Christoph Hoffmann, Nina Brundke
Location: ACDH-CH, Alte Burse, Vienna


  • Welcome


Discussions and Brainstorming

  • Postponed:
    • API Authentication (#1185, #1233, #1211)
      • Who should be allowed to make tokens? -> admins and manager
      • Can an application make a token of its own with the needed credentials? -> Has to
      • Should we make a time limit for a token? -> 15 minutes, credentials get no expire date
      • Do we want to know who and when a token is created?
      • Do we want, that information about a token is store, so we can reject it? Yes
  • API Error Handling
    • Is creating custom Error types for you ok?
  • Do we want an own URL/Path for the presentation site?
  • What are the use cases? What queries do we want, especially for the presentation site?

Cleaning up tickets

  • #1253 Download button -> Christoph will take a look at it
  • #1161 add more geometry objects
  • #1206 show entities of sub types
  • #1255 Content Negotiation

Other Things

  • When should we increase the version? -> later
  • Nice name for the Frontend? -> good idea, to be continued


  • Prioritize next API steps -> paging of results
  • Schedule next meeting

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