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API: add more geometry objects

Added by Bernhard Koschicek 5 months ago. Updated 6 days ago.

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In order to be really confirm with the geojson standard, the API has to differentiate more geometry objects than Point, Polygon, LineString and Geometry Collection. So we shoult add MultiPoint, MultiLineString and MultiPolygon.
"To maximize interoperability, implementations SHOULD avoid nested GeometryCollections. Furthermore, GeometryCollections composed of a single part or a number of parts of a single type SHOULD be avoided when that single part or a single object of multipart type(MultiPoint, MultiLineString, or MultiPolygon) could be used instead."

I think for now we can leave it be, since it is not wrong, but for the next version it should be included.



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In the linked places the example given is as follows:

"geometry": {
        "type": "GeometryCollection",
        "geometries": [
            { "type": "Point",
              "coordinates": [-1.2879,51.6708],
              "when": {"timespans":[
              "citations": [
                {"label": "Getty TGN (retrieved 4 May 2018)",
              "certainty": "certain" 
            { "type": "Point",
              "coordinates": [-1.31,51.64],
              "geo_wkt": "POLYGON ((-1.3077 51.6542, -1.2555 51.6542, -1.2555 51.6908, -1.3077 51.6908, -1.3077 51.6542))",
              "when": {"timespans":[{"start":{"in":"1700"}}]},
              "certainty": "uncertain" 

So probably we should stick to this?

Updated by Bernhard Koschicek 6 days ago

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Ok, I'm fine with it. It is easier this way, thank you.

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