OpenAtlas website workshop 2023-03-22

Location: Bäckerstraße 13, from 13.00 to 17.00, Room D2036 (2nd floor near kitchen)
Updated information in the course of the meeting is in color. Every participant is welcome to add and adapt.


  • Alexander Watzinger
  • Bernhard Koschiček-Krombholz
  • Moritz Großfurtner
  • Nina Richards
  • Massimiliano Carloni


After Andi did a great job redesigned our OpenAtlas webpage, we have a workshop to discuss details and implement changes in a live coding session.
Besides than having a new webpage we can put online it's also a good opportunity for a hands on session to play with our standard technologies (Flask, Python, JavaScript) in a more accessible setting (e.g. no database or user management).

Code branch on GitHub:


  • (Alex) No external links in main menu (move manual and documentation elsewhere) but instead adding e.g. events
  • (Alex) Mission statement: draft
  • (Andi) "Contact Us" - Button: Currently the "Contact Us" button in the section "Interested in a cooperation?" will open the installed mail application. I'm not sure if it is the best solution because I for example don't have my mail account set up on my machine and could not contact OpenAtlas this way. So it might be good to additionaly mention the email address in this section.

New website is online (, additional ideas were noted in #1992

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