Strategic Meeting, 2020-09-28 15:30

Participants: Stefan Eichert, Nina Brundke, Alexander Watzinger, Bernhard Koschicek, Christoph Hoffmann
Location: ACDH-CH, Alte Burse, Vienna


  • Small break after 40 minutes, meeting ends latest 17:00
  • Thursday afternoons for OpenAtlas development sessions. Participation is voluntary and can be spontaneously.

Strategic discussion

With OpenAtlas we developed a quite impressive software. Good team dynamic, pleased project partners, rising cooperation requests and positive general feedback shows that we already accomplished a lot and are going a good way. It is much more than just acquiring cooperations and implementing their requirements. We want to develop professional open source software which supports scientific projects and is pleasant to use. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss a concept for further development which is good for us and our users. To explore this we will speak about:

What do we like to work on, in which role we like to see ourselves?

  • Alex: now occupied with organization, administration and developing - would prefer less administration and more developing
  • Berni: now backend and API - is comfortable and wants to continue like that
  • Christoph: now Frontend and UI - would like to concentrate on Frontend
  • Stefan: now occupied with conception, modelling and visualizations - is comfortable ("ich finde alles super") and wants to continue like that
  • Nina: is interested in data input, administration, JavaScript analyses see #1352, Anthropological_Analyses

Ideas for an even better OpenAtlas software

  • Christoph
    • More tools and meta data for asset management (needs issue or draft)
  • Stefan
    • Evaluate and trying new and promising technologies (see e.g. #1354)
    • More coordinated priorities with roadmap: we will try to meet and discuss roadmap more often, for now we can use +1 in issue description see e.g. (#1285)
  • Nina
    • Anthropological Analyses (#1345)
    • New batch of t-shirts (#1120)
  • Berni
    • Items (needs issue or draft)
  • Christoph
    • Vocabularies (needs issue or draft)

Suggestions for quality software by Alex

+ already achieved (but of course it's an ongoing effort)
~ there is room for improvement
- missing


  • + Open source (itself and infrastructure)
  • + Up to date
  • + Secure
  • + Bug free
  • + Tested (Tests, Mypy)
  • + Standards (PEP 8, HTML5)


  • + Input Validation
  • ~ Easy of use (on the fly creation of e.g. types)
  • ~ Performance
  • + Data integrity checks
  • ~ Visualization (e.g. charts for types)
  • ~ Maintainable (deploy, upgrade)


  • + Website
  • ~ Manual (examples)
  • + Redmine roadmap, issues
  • + Redmine development documentation
  • + Install and upgrade notes


  • - API
  • - Frontend
  • ~ Import
  • ~ External system integration (GeoNames, Wikidata, ...)

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