MAMEMS and Approaching Byzantium meeting 2023-05-04

The meeting will be about the presentation sites for the MAMEMS and the Approaching Byzantium project.
Updated information in the course of the meeting is in color. Every participant is welcome to add and adapt.


  • OpenAtlas: Alexander Watzinger, Christoph Hoffmann, Moritz Großfurtner
  • MAMEMS: Tinatin Chronz, Zachary Chitwood
  • Approaching Byzantium: Nicholas Melvani


  • Domain name to use? An subdomain can be offered by us. Will be decided via mail
  • Is a public API ok? There will be public prototypes early on


  • Open for the public (yes in most in cases)
  • Intended audience (broad public, domain experts, students, researchers, ...)
    • Approaching Byzantium: mainly research community and students of the humanities
    • MAMEMS: also research community of the humanities but also e.g. monks from mount Athos
  • Language
    • English only for both projects
  • Main target device
    • Not too small e.g. everything doesn't have to fit on a mobile device


  • Generic data exploration
  • Stories (guided exploration)
  • Map visualizations
  • Network visualizations
  • Data analyses e.g.
    • Anthropological age estimation (implemented)
    • Social network analysis (not implemented, has to be provided externally)
  • Mood Boards/References to existing sites for the design

Generic page suggestions

  • Overview
  • Team
  • Map
  • Contact
  • Legal issues


  • In the beginning we try to implement as much as possible in the "generic" frontend OpenAtlas-Discovery with which can start immediately.
  • Around autumn we will employ an additional frontend developer and begin with the "heavy lifting"
  • Define a rough roadmap with milestones and dates. Useful to check progress and react in a timely manner in case of changes.
  • Planned target dates for "almost" finished sites: MAMEMS end of 2024, Approaching Byzantium April 2023
  • Meet again in a bigger round in autumn 2023 where we also will discuss a more fine grained feature roadmap

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