MAMEMS and Approaching Byzantium meeting 2023-11-10

The meeting will be about data entry for the MAMEMS and the Approaching Byzantium project.
Updated information in the course of the meeting is in color. Every participant is welcome to add and adapt.


  • OpenAtlas: Alexander Watzinger
  • MAMEMS: Vanessa Rose Obaldia, Zachary Chitwood
  • Approaching Byzantium: Nicholas Melvani


  • Server downtime (maintenance of institute infrastructure) at 15:45 CET (UTC+1)
  • Present new IIIF feature
  • Zachary kindly provide a document draft about convention before which covers some of the topics and is attached below


  • British or American English ->American English was used so far but it hasn't to be that strict
  • Capitalization of type names -> yes
  • (Vanessa) People names: is there a standardized list? -> The spelling should be in standardized English form (Oxford dictionary)
  • (Vanessa) Dates: should Islamic dates (ḥicrī) as well as Christian dates (milādī, rūmī)? If so, which should be written first. -> It's basically up to Vanessa, see also attached document
  • (Vanessa) Where should the Ottoman Turkish, transliteration into Latin letters, and the English equivalent be written since they are not alias? Likewise, in which section should the patronyms be included, i.e., “بن, bin/ibn, son of.” -> It should be like what is common practice in Ottoman studies
  • (Vanessa) Place:
    (Vanessa) Is there a list of standardised toponyms, since more than one name is attributed to some places? For example, the Ottoman capital:
    Ottoman Turkish: قسطنطينية, اسلابول, اسطنبول
    Transliteration: Ḳosṭanṭiniyye, İslāmbūl, İsṭanbūl
    Modern Turkish: İstanbul
    English: Constantinople, Istanbul
    Ottoman Turkish Alias: آستانه همايونĀsitāne-i Hümāyūn (Imperial Threshold), دارالخلافة Dārü’l-ḫilāfe (Abode of the Caliph), در سعادت Dersaʿādet (Abode of Felicity), etc.
    -> The spelling should be in standardized English form (Oxford dictionary)


  • A citation example would be very helpful (configurable in the backend) -> Will be done by Zachary
  • (Vanessa) Referencing style: Is there a separate section for the entry of archival and unpublished primary sources? I've been entering them under reference. -> Unpublished sources may be added


  • (Vanessa) How can other categories be added to the dimensions subsection for artifacts? -> This was demonstrated live
  • Use types more hierarchically to avoid long lists (e.g. actor function)
  • Delete unused types to clean up -> Some clean up was done together


  • -> Zachary and Nicholas will take a closer look and try to add hierarchical structures for actor functions, source and events
  • -> Zachary will look into creating a reference systems for a prosopographical index system based on their internal numbering schema
  • -> We scheduled a new meeting for data entry at Friday, 2nd February

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