INDIGO Meeting 2021-12-07

Updated information in the course of the meeting is in color. Every participant is invited to add and adapt.


  • OpenAtlas: Alexander Watzinger, Bernhard Koschiček-Krombholz, Christoph Hoffmann, Nina Richards
  • LBI ArchPro: Geert Verhoeven, Jona Schlegel
  • ARCHE: Massimiliano Carloni, Martina Trognitz
  • Spraycity: Stefan Wogrin
  • TU Wien: Benjamin Wild

The meeting is about showing how to enter data into OpenAtlas, demonstrating new features and discussing further adaptions and workflows.


  • Public protocol
  • Outreach, e.g. tweets about new OpenAtlas releases with Nina Twitter updates will be posted in Mattermost awareness by Nina to inform all members
  • Watcher at issues, Geert is added by default e.g. #1573

New feature for INDIGO

  • Show production of artifacts (#1500)
  • Questions:
    • would it be possible to add actors directly to the artifact without using an event in between -> events are needed for CIDOC CRM but it would be possible to make it easier in the UI
    • American or British English? Depends on the project's preferences


  • Status quo: right now INDIGO is in the concept phase regarding the vocabulary/thesaurus, after this initial phase a parallel approach would be useful; as of today the project is using spreadsheets as a base for the thesaurus, it is planned to later add it into OpenAtlas as types as well as into Vocabs (at later phase/towards the end of the project)
    • the SKOS editor/vocabs editing tools but spreadsheets are used in the initial phase of the project to provide a better overview for different team members; there is the possibility to move data to the SKOS editor/Vocab editing tools in the upcoming weeks to test the concept - Problem to keep in mind with spreadsheets: invalidated information caused problems in other projects before
  • Vocabs provides: SKOS invocation types and possibilities to including different languages (German/English), SKOS source to add a bibliography, link to other concepts than external references, which is not possible in OpenAtlas (yet)
  • Problem: how to deal with changes in the thesaurus/vocabulary and how to synchronize different systems
  • Most important argument for using other methods than OpenAtlas to make vocabulary: Multi-language is not supported by OpenAtlas, but crucial for INDIGO
  • Proposed workflow for thesaurus from OpenAtlas side:
    • Thesaurus should stay flexible throughout the project
    • Work in OpenAtlas, as it allows flexibility and changes -> put data from spreadsheets into OpenAtlas type trees
    • Export data later to Vocabs and/or other systems
    • Synchronizing systems during the project won't be necessary then
    • use already existing vocabularies for commonly used attributes as colors, licences etc.
  • Image taken time, gets imported, add to model?
  • Possibility to read metadata connected to single pixels/picture annotation -> one picture can have different metadata in different areas/pixel; Metadata is added to photos by software - to be discussed, in connection with ARCHE's role in the project; goal: add picture's metadata to the database when the pictures are uploaded to the system (not at the end of the project) and to fill some of the fields in OpenAtlas with the metadata provided;
    • Possibility: RDF


  • Add references to types (#1586) needed or are reference systems sufficient? will be announced/implemented when necessary
  • 3d geometries, view only, need sample data (#1573) still in concept phase and will be exchanged when final decisions are made
  • Dates with hours and minutes (#1574) hour and minute are needed for the creation of a Graffito is needed, not just for the time the picture was taken

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