CONNEC Meeting 2021-10-15

Updated information in the course of the meeting is in color.


  • OpenAtlas: Alexander Watzinger, Bernhard Koschiček-Krombholz, Christoph Hoffmann
  • CONNEC: Alice Hicklin, David Natal, Rebecca Grose, Sapfo Psani, Victoria Leonard

General topics

  • Public protocol ok? -> Yes.
  • Add Sapfo to email conversations -> Yes.
  • Current cooperation ends in December 2021 but sites and general support (e.g. bug fixes) continue
  • New feature: current owner of artifacts

Presentation site

  • Hosted by ACDH-CH
  • Discussing draft
  • A better place for dynamic content like e.g. events would be the CONNEC home page

Discussion of draft

Structuring of data

  • Important are maps (will be displayed prominently on start page, letters and relationships
  • The type case studies will be used on the start site as entry points. At the moment there are 4.
  • Letter can be shown in a certain sequence once #1297 is implemented and used.

Manageable content via the OpenAtlas backend

  • The intro text
  • Contact -> we decided to not use a contact form but provide email addresses, links and similar
  • Legal notice


To display how to cite we will add a small button per entry which shows how to cite. For this we will need:
  • A license, we would advice CC-BY 4, for all data
  • A text as an example
  • How to determine authorship e.g. define for whole case studies or for every entity with the type Entry author

Sub sites

Detailed sites of case studies could look like: More examples would be useful (screenshots, links, ... to similar projects)

CONNEC team display

We will send suggestions for this in the next mail.

How to proceed

After implementing the first the design steps we will discuss it again together. From the CONNEC team we would need:
  • Citation details (see above)
  • Examples how to display structure data

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