Meeting 2021-07-08

Participants: Alexander Watzinger, Bernhard Koschiček-Krombholz, Dalibor Pančić

Kickoff meeting for testing and adapting OpenAtlas to be deployed with Kubernetes too (#1542).


  • Introduction
  • Time schedule -> if possible it would be great to use Kubernetes deployment for 2 upcoming cooperations, e.g. INDIGO will start September 2021


  • In the beginning we will use the feature_kubernetes branch, forked from develop
  • Deploying a test instance on
  • Once running we can turn it into a "real" demo version
  • Look into the version update process and make adaptions if necessary
  • When everything works out we can think about merging it to the main but have to be careful not to interfere with existing productive systems
  • Deploy new cooperation instances on Kubernetes at ACDH-CH (e.g. INDIGO)
  • Move ACDH-CH cooperation instances from CRAWS to ACDH-CH servers


  • We managed to deploy a fresh install
  • Next steps will be deploying a demo version and testing upgrades

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