API meets Frontend 08.09.20 14:00

Participants: Bernhard Koschicek, Alexander Watzinger, Nina Brundke, Christoph Hoffmann, Stefan Eichert and special guest Smilla
Location: ACDH-CH, Alte Burse, Sonnenfelsgasse 19, 1010 Vienna
Time: 2020-08-09, 14:00


  • Welcome

API presentation

  • What are the current possibilities of the API
      • Request one entity: /api/0.1/entity/105
      • Download a JSON of one entity: /api/0.1/entity/download/105
      • Request by code: /api/0.1/code/actor
      • Request by class: /api/0.1/class/E18
      • Request by latest: /api/0.1/latest/16
      • Request one or more entities: /api/0.1/query?entities[]=115&entities[]=116
      • Request one or more classes: /api/0.1/query?classes[]=E18&classes[]=E31
      • Request one or more codes: /api/0.1/query?items[]=actor&items[]=source
      • Combine requests: /api/0.1/query?items[]=actor&items[]=source&classes[]=E18&classes[]=E31&entities[]=115&entities[]=116
    • Parameter
      • Sort and Sort by Column
      • Limit
      • Filtering
      • Show/Hide Types
      • Pagination

API meets Frontend

  • What are the use cases
  • What functions do the API need
    • show subunits for classes and types #1206
    • Give me the entity and all linked entities
    • Give me the entity and all subunits of this entity
    • Give me the entity and all super types of this entity
    • Give me a place and all actors linked to that place through events (could be also more specific if needed)
  • How to display these queries?
  • Discussion of other JSON output standards
  • Path with /api/0.1/node=23422 (show this type and every entity connected to it)
  • Path with /api/0.1/top_node=2145154 (show every entity which is connected to this type and every sub type of this)
  • ?count gives you only a count of the result, without any other results. Make own query/function

Bernhard's Roadmap

  1. Develop custom queries, that are discussed today
  2. Include URLs to pagination (is not needed)
  3. Introduce new JSON schemas for other entities
  4. Optimize performance


  • Discuss other OpenAtlas or THANADOS topics


After we discussed the excellent presented and extensive recent development we decided to switch to a more practical approach. Christoph and Stefan will write issues for the API to satisfy their needs for presentation sites so that we can see and test the API in action.

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