Developers meeting 2022-05-04

Updated information in the course of the meeting is in color. Every participant is welcome to add and adapt.


  • Andreas Olschnögger
  • Alexander Watzinger
  • Bernhard Koschiček-Krombholz
  • Nina Richards
  • Seung-bin Yim
  • Stefan Eichert


  • Welcome Seung-bin, maybe start with code review (#1705)
  • Meetings: difference required/optional
  • Contracts
  • Internship requests for summer 2022 -> we will invite one for August
  • Planning events
    • OpenAtlas summer meeting -> August 2022, pending details
    • OpenAtlas Hackathon -> September 2022, see #1706
    • Workshop on prosopographical data DH2022 conference? (end of July)
  • Check current roadmap for next release -> Next release is ready

Presentation sites

  • Further development of a generic presentation site
  • We don't track our users with e.g. Piwik because of privacy reasons, annoying cookie disclaimer and the like but what about the presentations sites? -> will be decided individually on demand
  • How to proceed with CONNEC? -> should be concluded in May
  • Additional frontend developer? E.g. for Shahi new presentations site -> yes


  • #1675 API: 0.3 stable, 0.2 deprecated:
    • Renaming of endpoints for stable version 0.3 (/type_entities/ or /type_entities_all/ -> /entities_linked_to_type/ or /entities_linked_to_type_including_subtypes/)
    • Rename parameter and endpoints with camelCase - instead of _ (Source)? -> We decided to not use camel case or underlines but hyphens for word separation
    • If endpoint names changes, I will do a redirect for a short time (probably 1 or 2 releases)

Feature requests

Discussed features were documented as notes in the features themselves.
  • #1090 Radiocarbon Dating
  • #1587 Link artifacts and human remains to places directly
  • #1637 Linking events with features of places
  • #1682 Add SKOS options for external links? There would be use cases in INDIGO, THANADOS, Ariadne, ... but we should discuss what exactly to add to not make it too complicate for OpenAtlas data entry.
  • #1647 Composition of Artifacts
  • #1648 Relative Chronological/Spatial relation between two artifacts
  • #1553 Boolean search operators

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