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Boolean search operators

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Might it be possible to enable Boolean search functionality on the OpenAtlas user interface?

Currently, it does not seem to work (at least on the CONNEC database) and I'm not sure if this is design or a bug. If it were easy to introduce, it would be very useful for us and even more useful for end users.

Absolutely understand if this isn't possible!

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I assume you mean something like: search for entities that match one criteria but not another, e.g. list all places before 1500 that don't contain the word "church".
This would be quite useful but also a bigger feature. In fact we already planned this with a cooperation who was interested in that and would have financed it but sadly, the project proposal wasn't accepted.
But this seems to be a good time to put it on the wishlist at least so thank you for reporting it.


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The API provides this functionality which Andreas already implemented in a frontend.
Maybe we can use the API functionality in OpenAtlas UI?


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