Developers Meeting 2019-11-27, 15:00

Participants: Stefan Eichert, Nina Brundke, Alexander Watzinger, Bernhard Koschicek, Christoph Hoffmann

Location: ACDH meeting room, Vienna


  • Schedule (2 hours with break after one)
    --> accepted
  • License sentence on top of files e.g. file
    --> accepted
  • THANADOS presentation: Wednesday, 4.12. 18:00 Redemptoristenkolleg Maria am Gestade, Klemenssaal (Salvatorgasse 12, 1010 Wien)
  • Next meeting December or January?
    --> second half of January 2020

4.0.0 Version

  • Possible release date: 2020-01-01
    --> accepted
  • Refactor OpenAtlas views for entities > /entity/id
    > accepted
  • #1079: Static type checking with Mypy

#1048 Bootstrap

  • Update and presentation
    --> looks cool, will make the 4.0.0 release (but won't be Bootstrap 'pure', e.g. forms will be reworked later)

#1050 API


  • For places we use the type "FeatureCollection", how should we name the other entities?
    --> We will use other type names. Bernhard will research for existing possibilities
  • Should we also use "feature": [] for other entities also? The thing is, that every information is in feature, but an actor doesn't have a "feature". Or do we say, it is ok "feature":[] includes any entity
  • Should we differentiate between E18 and E53? Alex and Bernhard would say no
    --> for the default output we will not differentiate between them, in a CIDOC related output we will
  • Should we use commet at "when": {"timespans":[]}? Is is technically no problem and an additional information some could need
    --> comments will be used
  • How long we want to maintain old API versions and how we implement a version system
    --> API URL we be like /api/entity/107 because the API won't have compatibility changes often, in case it does we'll do something like /api2/entity/107
  • What should happen, if a Type/Node is requested from the API? Should we show the parent and all sub types or only show parent?
    --> Only one level up and down (parent and subs). Maybe research how other peoples map categories in json-ld. One possibility is that we include the path as string.
  • What should happen with empty tags?
    --> ignore empty tags (don't write anything)

--> We will ask Rainer Simon about possibility to add other entities like actors or sources to the linked places format

New Tickets

  • #1100 Save geometry not working --> will be fixed soon
  • #1086 Value types duplicates --> will be reported if it happens again
  • #1089 Body Parts User Interface --> good idea, accepted and on wishlist
  • #1090 Radiocarbon Dating --> good idea, accepted and on wishlist
  • #1101 Main image for reference --> default image will be removed for reference

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