Shahi Meeting 2022-10-24

Updated information in the course of the meeting is in color. Every participant is welcome to add and adapt.


  • OpenAtlas
    • Alexander Watzinger
    • Bernhard Koschiček-Krombholz
    • Nina Richards
  • Shahi
    • Sandrina Schwarz


  • "Open license" is just a category (not a license itself) and shouldn't be used. -> "Open license" wasn't used by Sandrina but she will pass it on.
  • How to enter data/images for places and artifacts
    -> After looking together at it in more detail we agreed about Sandrina linking them to respective places and sending us a list with artifacts that should be features.
    Showed example seemed uncomplicated to change but it still has to be done by us (OpenAtlas team) because it's not possible via the user interface.
  • When looking at possibilities to create collections of artifacts we suggested to use a custom type.
    It turned out there is already one in use, which could be used for that as well. We additional suggested to remove the place connections of this type and only use it for artifacts.

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