CONNEC meeting 2022-04-19

Updated information in the course of the meeting is in color. Every participant is welcome to add and adapt.


  • OpenAtlas: Andreas Olschnögger, Alexander Watzinger, Bernhard Koschiček-Krombholz
  • CONNEC: Alice Hicklin, Rebecca Grose, Victoria Leonard

This meeting will be about the presentation site for CONNEC, a prototype is available here:

Introduction of Andi

New development

  • Case studies are selected dynamically from the case study types, except "Not for presentation"
  • A footer with
    • About This Site: text below can be configured in OpenAtlas admin/content/Intro for frontend
    • Where to Find Us: information was taken from the CONNEC project site
    • Contact: text below can be configured in the OpenAtlas admin/content/Contact for frontend
  • An imprint, linked on bottom of page, text configurable in OpenAtlas admin/content/Legal notice for frontend
  • First basic detail views if you click on nodes on the map
  • Display the CONNEC logo on top left

To review

  • Performance: we did quite some improvement in the API already but will try to make it faster
  • Content and layout of
    • Start page
    • Detail views


  • Rebecca: Will it be possible to show more information about the case study. Technically possible. Two possible methods:
    1. Description in the type fields. CONNEC team can change it, but it cannot be formatted nicely
    2. CONNEC team provides well formatted text, but it only can be changed in the code
  • Victoria: We need an information site, what is on the site, what is the project about and especially how to use discover-connec. Alex suggested the intro for frontend feature in the admin page of OpenAtlas to add an introduction for the project -> #1695
  • Alice: A simple teaser or information about the case study with a view more button. Alex: At type description, the first sentence should have a line break, then it can be displayed as teaser. The rest text will be displayed in "view more". The "view more" page should also contain a map with the entities of the case study. CONNEC team will provide a sketch of "view more" content
  • Andi:
    • Andi showed a new design, where the menu is inside the map
    • If super case study is unchecked, every subtype is unchecked and the other way round -> #1694
    • Add description, but CONNEC team will provide a list, what they want in the detail view of an event/actor/place.
    • It was decided, that everything should be shown on the start page and we will continue to look into performance -> #1655

How to proceed

While the OpenAtlas team continues to work on performance and changes discussed today the CONNEC team will work on a specification for the final design and provide detailed information, ideally with visual drafts about:
  • Start page (intro area with e.g. a link to the CONNEC site, links or small boxes for case studies, map, ...)
  • Case study sub sites (title, description (taken from backend), maybe a map showing only information regarding the case study, ..
  • Detail view: what information to display and where, e.g. dates, descriptions, ...
  • Any static site and where they should be linked, e.g. a page describing how to use the presentation site

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