Approaching Byzantium meeting 2011-06-13

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  • OpenAtlas: Alexander Watzinger, Nina Richards
  • Approaching Byzantium: Nicholas Melvani

The meeting will be about OpenAtlas and the project: "Approaching Byzantium in Ottoman Istanbul: the Reception of the Byzantine Heritage of Constantinople by Scholars from the Holy Roman Empire in the 16th century."

Topics discussed:
  • Inscriptions: the inscription is written on a wall of a house, so the option via artifact does not work; we are aware of the situation and working on linking artifacts directly to places (#1587), we suggest, for now, declare a wall as an artifact or use the place-feature-subunit-find hierarchy; as soon as it is possible to connect an artifact to a place directly, you can use that instead; also have a look at the manual entry towards a step by step tutorial on Artifacts:
  • Move: Create a sequence of events; Question: visits are entered as an activity, but the movement between those activities is important as well, how to enter this? Solutions:
    • Making a moving event, then an activity event, and then a moving event again is possible - how detailed information is entered is entirely up to each researcher
    • Another possibility is to create a super-event and add sub-events to this, this would put the activities in context
  • Move: How to track a street that was taken regularly and that route is known; you can do that already by using the features in the map to draw a string; besides the "from" and "to" it would be good to add a "via" in the move event to track the way that was taken; Nicholas agreed to add a ticket for that; for the meantime, it would be possible to create two move events: from the origin place to the road and a second move from the road to the end place of the journey
  • How to track the movement of artifacts from Constantinople to libraries in Austria and Germany; Solution: create the manuscripts as artifacts, create a new move event and connect the already created artifact to the move event; keep in mind - do not connect persons in the move event directly (only for people that were moved like prisoners, etc.), but connect them after the move event was created via the tabs
  • Presentation website - normally work on presentation sites starts approx. 1 year before the cooperation ends, but an earlier start is possible; needed: general ideas how the side could look like, who the audience will be - broad public or researchers or a mix of both - and what will be shown and how - guided presentation of important case studies/some of the data (more beneficial for the broader public), all of the data in the database or a mix of both - starting with the development of the presentation site in summer 2023 is a good plan

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