Hackathon 2020-06-17 10:00

Participants: Bernhard Koschicek, Alexander Watzinger, Stefan Eichert, Christoph Hoffmann, Nina Brundke, Roland Filzwieser, Jennifer Portschy
Location: Museum of Natural History, Vienna



  • What is Content-> Intro: It is the text before the general text about the project, if one is logged out.
  • Should we display the intro in the overview: No, because some projects have a very large text and this wouldn't benefit our UI
  • How to write a ticket

Input Data:

  • Add place: the description field overlaps with the map --> it is a ticket and will be resolved next version. Solution: make the initial field smaller (#1235) --partial fix
  • Type field in input: search field only searches exact matches. It would be nice to see the sub types. Stefan says it is just an option in jstree(#1276) -- fixed
  • Second description field only visible for users (not public). This should ease the workflow for translations. (#1277)
  • If one insert an entity and clicks on several times on insert or insert and continue, the entry will be entered several times. --> maybe big transparent div with "i'm loading" or disabling all other buttons until it is loaded(#547) -- fixed
  • At actor, select residence, there is a big data table, and it is quite hard to select one entry, because you have to click on the name and not on the row. Also it would be nice to make a focus on the search field (#1222)
  • For features add another button "insert and +stratographic unit" and at strato unit make two buttons "insert +find" and "insert +human" (#1282)
  • If you want to link an entity to another, "Add" could be misleading. Maybe change to link, connect or select? (#1279)
  • If enter a find or human remain, then show maps and images in a tab. So you can switch between map and images (#1284)
  • Every time you have a multi choice field, make a mouse over for the type to show the whole path (Alex will fix it, #1283)
  • Show value types with their hierarchy. It is hard to implement it to jstree. (#1285)
  • Dates, visual feedback if a date is declined (for example, if at end date only the second end field is filled) (#1286)


  • No popup field for profile, because user think it is a dropdown. -> this will be changed completely (#1189)
  • If an image file exist, the table is to big and goes under the map (#1278)
  • When you go with the mouse to a reference, show description or the full citation. Second line? Replace types with description? (#1229)
  • Tabs, make it sense to show the big map? Maybe put the map under the info when 1200px. (Please write or add ticket) (#1281)
  • If you add an existing file, can we show the existing file (mouse over name or mouse over a symbol) (#1280)
  • Make a higher zoom level for the thunderforest map. Later admin should be able to change which layer can be used in a UI form (first: #1287, second: #1109)
  • tables with 11 to 25 entries doesn't have a pagination buttons if the default list value is not 10. (Roland or Stefan writes a ticket)
  • Citation example text for bibliography --> There will be an example text which Alex will place under the insert form (#1289)
  • Bug found: if one filters the data tables the mouse over function doesn't work. (#1291)
  • Data tables width is set to default. Should be changed for better visualization. (#1290)


  • How to activated notes. Notes only can be seen from the user who created it.

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