Feature #1229

Show descriptions in all tables

Added by Stefan Eichert about 1 year ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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It would be helpful to show the description (i.e. the full citation) of references in the datatables where the linked references are listed.
Here (as well as in other tables where references are listed) a tooltip showing the whole description would be quite helpful

Descriptions are now shown in all tables (if cut off the full text is visible on mouse over), see comments



Updated by Alexander Watzinger about 1 year ago

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Like discussed in workshop add desc column to reference tabs.


Updated by Alexander Watzinger 11 months ago

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Showing a description in the table of the reference tab at a place view implemented in 5.3.0 (mouse over to see full text if cut off).


Updated by Alexander Watzinger 11 months ago

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After some consideration I decided to show descriptions in all tables. They weren't shown in some cases before (e.g. at place views) because of space problems but:

  • with the new Bootstrap layout table space isn't that problematic anymore
  • descriptions are helpful and needed like this reported issue demonstrates
  • it is a more consistent presentation if descriptions are always available
  • it simplifies the code for table generation if there are less special cases

I also changed the title of the issue to reflect this change.


Updated by Alexander Watzinger 10 months ago

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