Developer Meeting 2022-01-17

Updated information in the course of the meeting is in color. Every participant is welcome to add and adapt.


  • Andreas Olschnögger
  • Alexander Watzinger
  • Bernhard Koschiček-Krombholz
  • Christoph Hoffmann
  • Nina Richards
  • Stefan Eichert


  • Protocol (during meeting)
  • Upcoming vacations in internal wiki -> Please add vactions > 2 days
  • Feature freeze about one week before releases

New maps

  • #1628 New maps, draft, everyone with ideas/request should contribute before -> Andis first quest.
  • Is Bootstrap version relevant?
  • Also minor backend UI issues to start for Andreas.
  • Maybe a small meeting with Christoph and Alex? -> First Christoph and Alex; than Christoph, Andi, Alex

New CIDOC and super events

#1506, with removal of P117 we have to decide what to do with existing links, options are
  • Remove it -> kind of "rude" because projects are using it to structure events -> No.
  • Implement as a two link relation -> cumbersome, costly and error prone -> No.
  • Include the archaeological CIDOC CRM -> Can be useful later
  • Add a new shortcut in our model -> would shift responsibility to the API -> Alex will develop the shortcut to version 7.1.0. At the moment, we keep the API as it is.

Project task overview in internal wiki

  • CONNEC presentation site and meeting date -> Hopefully everything done in February
  • Server moves -> Looking good, THANADOS and CONNEC should be done in February. THANADOS Frontend Meeting Alex and Stefan
  • INDIGO/ARCHE update -> Need general more specification.
  • #1620 How to enter natural events -> Everbody is fine with the draft

Guideline drafts

With growing OpenAtlas team and cooperations, guidelines are getting important. To avoid the usual pitfalls when creating guidelines we want to make sure that they are:
  • Agreed on
  • Up to date
  • Understandable, precise and feasible (less is more)
There are some drafts we could look at and discuss how to proceed:
  • Development standards
  • Mission statement, Nina prepared a draft -> Put on the website, not redmine
  • Code of conduct, there is a small one in the code base (CoC) and Nina prepared a new draft

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