MAMEMS and Approaching Byzantium meeting 2021-12-08

Updated information in the course of the meeting is in color. Every participant is welcome to add and adapt.


  • OpenAtlas: Alexander Watzinger, Nina Richards
  • MAMEMS: Zachary Chitwood
  • Approaching Byzantium: Nicholas Melvani

The meeting will be about workflows when sharing the same database, introducing new features and discussing questions.


  • Public protocol Public protocol was accepted by all participants
  • Constantinople logo and mail problems Options were discussed, and maybe a logo can be financed by the ACDH-CH cooperation budget; Alex will contact our designer Jan Belik ( as well about another cooperation regarding prosopography
  • Professions:
    • are mapped with a relation "member of" instead of a type in the actor form; keep in mind, you can only be a member of a group, but multiple groups can be selected at the same time
    • professions can be added from the level of "group" or the level of "actor"; to will create the same connection between the entries; this goes for participants in an event as well, they can either be added from the actor or the event tab
    • Question dates: if there is only one date known (like is mentioned in one source, so we know he has been there for at least one day but no more information) - Add the person to an event with a date and leave the date blank for the membership (profession) and add free text about it to the description field; if dates are needed for research questions, pick a big enough time frame for dates and add additional information in the description field; generally, choose a time frame you are 100 per cent sure the entire stay/membership, etc. falls within
    • If possible, delete the profession types created as custom types and use the presented way to not cause confusion for other people that enter data; the same goes for the "Office or Title" type
    • There is also a manual section that explains the workflow on how to set up professions; please have a look if you are interested
  • Presentation of data integrity checks in the admin menu
  • Bug #1616 was reported


  • For one-day events it's ok to enter only begin if we agree on it
    • it would be clearer to put the day in the begin and the end as date to make it clear it was only a one day event; but the whole group should agree on how to enter the dates to be consistent
  • Visits like a pilgrimage ( prosponed to the next meeting, set up a doodle for planning)
  • Acquisitions ( prosponed to the next meeting, set up a doodle for planning)

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