Approaching Byzantium meeting 2023-11-21

Updated information in the course of the meeting is in color. Every participant is welcome to add and adapt.


  • OpenAtlas: Alexander Watzinger, Bernhard Koschiček-Krombholz
  • Approaching Byzantium: Nicholas Melvani

About linking events to artifacts

  • How to map reading of a book -> Use modification like described in #2000
  • How to map the copying of a book connected to the new and original one -> A new question issue for this will be added by Nicholas
  • Move event: are there multiple needed to track the movement of a person with documents -> In case no additional information has to be tracked (e.g. not all document made the whole journey) one event for it would suffice
  • How to track moved persons -> Currently this is an open issue which will be discussed at the next developer meeting (#1834, Meeting_2023-11-23)
  • Is it possible to chain events (with preceding) of e.g. movements of a book that "traveled" alone but sometimes together with others -> Yes

IIIF annotation system

  • We showed progress made about the IIIF annotation system (#1910)
  • Question: would annotations be possible to be searched in the presentation site -> Yes
  • It will be needed to link other entities while annotating

How to proceed

  • IIIF: We will offer an early version for Approaching Byzantium (and MAMEMS) once we implemented connecting other entities
  • IIIF: We will discuss if mapping of annotations in CIDOC CRM is needed at the next developer meeting (Meeting_2023-11-23)
  • At a meeting (in the near future) we will demonstrate the new presentation site and discuss how to proceed in more detail. Preferable Nicholas has some ideas/wishes and we can begin with the ones that are suitable for the general presentation site branch.

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