Developer meeting 2023-11-23, 15:00

Location: ACDH-CH, Bäckerstraße 13, room 2D (the big one next to the kitchen in 2nd floor)
Updated information in the course of the meeting is in color. Every participant is welcome to add and adapt.


  • Alexander Watzinger (moderator)
  • Bernhard Koschiček-Krombholz
  • Christoph Hoffmann
  • Massimiliano Carloni
  • Olivia Reichl
  • Nina and Benett Richards
  • Stefan Eichert


  • Feedback round
  • Schedule next developer meeting -> 31. January 2024
  • New OpenAtlas team calendar works out ok? -> seems to work out


  • Strategic overview
  • #1834 Move events
    Implementation will stay as is but we will do some renaming of labels and update manual for more clarity.
    It still leaves the issue that persons can be moved "the CIDOC way" and groups can't but that is an issue of CIDOC CRM that we can't solve on our side.
  • #2105 New file license system
    We decided to implement a new license system (de-coupled from types) that e.g. also allows to add URLs (similar to reference systems)
    We also decided to implement an "can be shown publicly" option for files (#2128) and will think about how to best add attributions in a more standard way (#2129).
  • Annotate images (+ text)
    • Show progress
    • Mapping of annotations in CIDOC CRM needed? -> Not for the first version, we may reevaluate this at a later point
  • A better autocomplete (#2156) and layout for dates fields were discussed
  • An option to deal with projects with many types, e.g. unrelated ones for different case studies -> #2131

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