Approaching Byzantium Meeting 2022-09-29

Updated information in the course of the meeting is in color. Every participant is welcome to add and adapt.


  • OpenAtlas: Alexander Watzinger
  • Approaching Byzantium: Nicholas Melvani


  • Inform about being in Mainz 11. to 12. October (YAN workshop)
  • Connect artifacts to places -> will be in the next release (#1587)
  • New customs types -> because Nicholas is in the editor group, either ask for needed custom types individually or for more permissions in general
  • How to enter movement and acquisition of artifacts -> Depending on main interest either use the move event (to e.g. display movement on a map) or an acquisition event (together with an artifact possible with the next release #1641) or both
  • Combine artifact to e.g. a collection for easier data management -> this will be possible with the feature Acquisition in combination with artifacts (#1647), planned for the release after the next one but uncertain, when it will be available exactely
  • Nicholas reported a bug, Missing types at edit (#1822) -> was solved immediately after the meeting in version 7.6.2
  • How to change type names -> type names can be changed at the type view, except the root type which would need higher permissions

How to proceed

We were able to discuss and either solve or plan all relevant issues. Nicholas will notify us when another meeting is needed.

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