MAMEMS and Approaching Byzantium meeting 2023-01-26

The meeting will be about data entry workflows for the MAMEMS and the Approaching Byzantium project.
Updated information in the course of the meeting is in color. Every participant is welcome to add and adapt.


  • OpenAtlas: Alexander Watzinger, Bernhard Koschiček-Krombholz, Moritz Großfurtner
  • MAMEMS: Zachary Chitwood
  • Approaching Byzantium: Nicholas Melvani


  • Introduce OpenAtlas frontend developer Moritz "Mocca" Großfurtner

Topics from Zachary

  • Category for ethnicity and language ->A "Language" custom type was added

Topics from Alex

  • Clean up custom types -> done
  • Kinship types, clean up e.g. "parent (child)" and "child (parent)"
    -> explained the issues and shown how to solve it.
    Bernhard also mentionend adding an "of" e.g. parent of (child of) makes it easier to read. Zachary will take care about it.
  • Set file license to required?
    -> was set to required and a "needs clarification" item was added. That way users have to at least think about it at data entry but have a wildcard option
  • Defaults for reference systems -> were set where appropriate
  • at time spans no "between" comment needed -> was explained

New topics in meeting

  • The sex type was changed to gender because it is/was used this way
  • Nicholas mentioned that sub artifacts can only be added from the sub artifact and not the other way round, we kindly asked him to write an issue for this (#1946)
  • The upcoming creation event may be needed for sources too. We kindly asked to add further needs to the issue (#1934) so we can ask Stefan Eichert to look at the model
  • Work on presentation sites for both projects will begin around May 2023
  • We will schedule the next meeting on demand because it's easier to plan when we already know the topics and who will be needed than

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