Approaching Byzantium meeting 2023-02-14

Updated information in the course of the meeting is in color. Every participant is welcome to add and adapt.


  • OpenAtlas: Alexander Watzinger, Bernhard Koschiček-Krombholz
  • Approaching Byzantium: Nicholas Melvani


  • Acquisition of artifacts
    -> It's possible to use an acquisition event to track change of ownership for an artifact but important to add actors via correct activities, see manual
  • Movement of artifacts
    -> Can be "combined" with an acquisition to also track movement of acquired artifacts, e.g. with choosing the acquisition as preceding event
  • Artifacts changing places
    -> There was an interesting question from Nicholas what to do with moved artifacts in regard to the structure because artifacts can only have one "super". We kindly asked him to create an issue for it.
  • Update about IIIF (#1909)
    Update about new development and that it looks like only the formats tiff and JPEG 2000 are usable with the IIIF server
    We also informed that we most likely split upcoming release into 2 releases, to e.g. deliver fixes more quickly, but that it doesn't really change the planned order of issues

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