Online SHAHI Meeting 2021-09-28

Participants: Nina Brundke, Alexander Watzinger, Andreas Olschnögger, Aleksandra Apic (SHAHI)
Updated information is in color.

Entering places in OpenAtlas

Nina kindly demonstrated how place can be entered into OpenAtlas e.g.
  • Name and aliases
  • Dates
  • Linking to external reference systems like GeoNames
  • Types usage and adding custom types
  • Entering locations on maps
  • Description

New issues

After discussing entering places some issues came apparent, mainly
  • Artifacts will need links to places so that they can be "grouped" to one place. Issue created by Aleks: #1587
  • If finds would be used instead of artifacts they would have to be in the subunit structure and a relation to current owner would be needed (#1108)


Andi also suggested that images would be uploaded directly to an IIIF server and the presentation site would make the connections. Although this may be work out for the presentation site we should discuss it further. It may be better to uploaded them to OpenAtlas the "usually" way to be able to add meta information and link them in the application. It would also prevent issues for archiving, cases where images are linked to multiple entities and so on.
Andi and I decided it would be easier if images are uploaded with the OpenAtlas application. This would have some advantages like the possibility to upload meta information like description, dates or use one image for multiple artifacts.

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