Developers meeting 2022-02-14

Updated information in the course of the meeting is in color. Every participant is welcome to add and adapt.


  • Andreas Olschnögger
  • Alexander Watzinger
  • Bernhard Koschiček-Krombholz
  • Nina Richards
  • Seung-bin Yim
  • Stefan Eichert


  • Schedule next developer meeting
    -> 2022-03-04
  • IMC Leeds 2022 live anyone else? Registration starts 1st March
    -> Some are thinking about participating live but it depends on current development
  • Server moves update: went good so far, MAMEMS and SHAHI will be moved early March to complete our server dance
  • New cooperation requests, contracts

Feature requests

  • #1633 Allow slashes in type names (will be needed latest when implementing VOCABS import, multi language, ...)
    -> Will be implemented but we will do it step by step and take time to test components individually
  • #1637 Linking events with features of places
    -> Will be implemented but we have to think about the implications and do some conceptual work before
  • #1582 GitHub test actions
    -> Postponed, maybe we take a look at it in combination with Kubernetes because issues sound similar


  • Plan 7.2.0 release, check roadmap together
    -> We decided to release, depending on circumstances probably even in this week
  • INDIGO update and how to proceed after ARCHE received test data
    -> We have to wait for data available in ARCHE or VOCABS, not much we can do before
  • Frontend development strategy: new Bootstrap, CONNEC presentation site, ...
    -> Discussion is postponed till Christoph returns
  • #1628 Maps
    -> No problems so far, we will link issues we think of to the map feature and assign Andi. But priority will still be to have functional replacement for what we already have.
  • Testing OpenAtlas in Windows (Andi)
    -> Bernhard offered to help because he already has a lot of experience with making tests run in Windows

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